Can PS4 and PS5 Play GTA Online Together? [2023]

Can PS4 and PS5 Play GTA Online Together

Grand Theft Auto Online, or GTA Online, is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, with millions of players enjoying its open-world action and crime. 

But, Can PS4 and PS5 players play GTA Online together? This is a question that many gamers have been asking since the release of the enhanced version of GTA 5 for PS5 in November 2022. 

In this article, we will answer this question and explain how cross-play and cross-generation play work in GTA Online.

Can PS4 and PS5 Play GTA Online Together

Compatibility of GTA Online Between PS4 and PS5

The PS5’s standout feature is its backward compatibility, which allows players to revisit their beloved PS4 titles on the new hardware. This has ignited hopes among GTA Online fans for seamless cross-play. 

While the PS5 can play PS4 games, the technicalities of intertwining multiplayer experiences between the two generations are more intricate than anticipated. GTA Online’s intricate ecosystem, consisting of server architecture and matchmaking systems, poses a challenge in achieving smooth cross-generational gameplay. 

As the gaming community eagerly awaits answers, Rockstar Games faces reconciling these technicalities to create a unified online experience.

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What is cross-play and cross-generation play?

Cross-play is the ability to play online multiplayer games with players on different platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, etc. 

Cross-generation play is the ability to play online multiplayer games with players on different console generations, such as PS4 and PS5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Does GTA Online have cross-play for PS5 AND PS4, and Xbox?

One of the features that many players are interested in is cross-play, which means that players on different platforms can play together online. However, GTA Online does not support cross-play for any platforms, including PS5 and PS4, and Xbox. This means that players on PS5 can only play with other PS5 players, and the same goes for PS4 and Xbox. 

Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA Online, has not announced any plans to add cross-play to the game in the future. Therefore, players who want to enjoy GTA Online with their friends on different platforms will have to wait and hope for a change in the future.

How to Play GTA 5 with PS4 Friends on PS5?

Playing GTA 5 with your PS4 friends on your PS5 is an engaging and straightforward process that enables seamless collaboration across different console generations. 

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Follow these steps to ensure that you and your friends can continue your criminal escapades together:

1. Crew Formation

Begin by creating or joining a crew through the Rockstar Social Club platform. Crews are groups of players that facilitate organization and coordination for in-game activities.

2. Friends Integration

Make sure to add your PS4 friends to your friends list on your PS5. This step is essential for establishing connections between players across different consoles.

3. Launch GTA Online

Start GTA Online on your PS5 just as you would on your PS4. The beauty of this approach lies in the shared ecosystem that GTA Online offers, transcending the boundaries of console hardware.

4. Crew Sessions

Initiate a crew session within GTA Online. This action opens up a virtual space where your PS4 and PS5 friends can join you, creating an environment for collaboration.

5. Invitations

Extend invitations to your PS4 friends to join your crew session. These invitations ensure everyone is on the same page and can participate in activities together.

6. Communication

Effective communication is critical to successful collaboration. While GTA Online provides in-game communication options, consider using external tools such as voice chat apps or gaming headsets to enhance coordination and interaction.

7. Enjoy Together

With all the preparations in place, it’s time to delve into GTA Online. Engage in heists, races, and missions, or explore the sprawling cityscape of Los Santos together.


Benefits of playing GTA Online on PS5

If you decide to upgrade to the enhanced version of GTA 5 or GTA Online for PS5, you will enjoy several benefits that are not available on the old-gen version. These include:

  • Improved graphics and performance: The enhanced version of GTA 5 or GTA Online for PS5 features stunning 4K resolution, 60 frames per second gameplay, ray tracing effects, faster loading times, and more.
  • Exclusive content: The enhanced version of GTA 5 or GTA Online for PS5 offers exclusive content unavailable on the old-gen version. This includes new vehicles, weapons, missions, activities, and more.
  • Free GTA Online access: The enhanced version of GTA 5 or GTA Online for PS5 is free for PS Plus subscribers for the first three months after its launch. This means you can play GTA Online without buying GTA 5, as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription.

Future Prospects and Speculations

The future of GTA Online holds exciting prospects, as cross-play could be the bridge between PS4 and PS5 players. As technology evolves, the differences between console generations might blur, making cross-play a natural progression. 

While official confirmation from Rockstar regarding cross-play is currently awaited, the potential impact on the longevity of GTA Online is undeniable. The game’s community could thrive even further by uniting players from different generations.



GTA Online is a fantastic multiplayer game that offers endless fun and entertainment. However, if you want to play with your friends on a different console or console generation, you must be aware of the limitations and available options. 

Currently, GTA Online does not support cross-play or cross-generation play, but a workaround allows PS5 players to play with PS4 players by running the old-gen version of the game. 

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the enhanced version of GTA 5 or GTA Online for PS5 and enjoy its improved graphics, performance, and exclusive content.


Can PS4 and PS5 crossplay in GTA Online? 

Yes, GTA Online supports crossplay between PS4 and PS5, allowing players from both consoles to play together in the same game sessions.

Can I play GTA 5 on PS5 with someone on PS4? 

Yes, GTA 5 on PS5 supports crossplay with players on PS4, enabling you to enjoy the game with friends on both console generations.

Why is GTA 5 not cross-platform? 

GTA 5 lacks full cross-platform support due to technical and logistical challenges. Different platforms have varying hardware, software, and update processes, making implementing seamless cross-platform play complex.

Is GTA 5 better on PC or PS5? 

GTA 5 offers enhanced graphics and performance on the PS5. Still, the PC version allows for greater customization and modding potential, as well as higher frame rates and resolutions depending on your hardware.

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