Can you Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital? [2023]

Can you Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital

Can you Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital? Yes, it’s a question that’s been on the minds of many gaming enthusiasts since its release.

If you’re a fan of the PlayStation 4 and have a collection of PS4 disc games, you might wonder whether these games are playable on the PS5 Digital Edition, which lacks a physical disc drive

In this article, we’ll dive into the details and answer all your questions about playing PS4 disc games on the PS5 Digital Edition.

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Can you Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital?

The short answer is No, you cannot play PS4 disc games on the PS5 Digital Edition. Since the PS5 Digital Edition lacks a physical disc drive, it’s not equipped to read or run games from physical discs, including PS4 games. 

If you have a collection of PS4 disc games you’re eager to play, you must opt for the standard PS5 with a disc drive.

Exploring Your Options

If you’re determined to play your PS4 disc games but have the PS5 Digital Edition, all hope is not lost. There are a few avenues you can explore:

1. Digital Game Library

Since the PS5 digital edition focuses on a digital-first approach, you can seamlessly access and play your digital PS4 games. Games purchased from the PlayStation Store or downloaded from your library are available for play.

2. Digital Upgrades

Some game developers offer digital upgrade options that allow you to transition from the PS4 version of a game to an enhanced PS5 version. Look for these upgrades in the PlayStation Store and enjoy improved graphics and performance.

3. PlayStation Now

Explore the option of using PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service. While this service requires a stable internet connection, it provides access to a wide range of PS4 games that can be streamed on your PS5 digital edition.

What’s the Difference Between a PS5 Standard and a PS5 Digital?

The primary difference between the PS5 standard edition and the digital edition lies in the presence of a physical disc drive

The PS5 standard edition features a disc drive, allowing you to play physical and digital games. In contrast, the PS5 digital edition omits the disc drive in favor of a sleeker design and a focus on digital content delivery.

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Is the PS5 Digital Worth It?

Whether the PS5 digital edition is worth depends on your gaming habits and preferences. If you’re already accustomed to purchasing and downloading games digitally, the PS5 digital edition aligns perfectly with your gaming lifestyle. It offers the same powerful gaming experience as the standard edition, minus the disc drive.

The absence of a disc drive is balanced by the convenience of a digital ecosystem, where you can access your games instantly and even benefit from digital upgrades. Consider your gaming habits, storage needs, and preference for physical discs when deciding whether the PS5 digital edition is worth investing in.

Which PS4 Games Can You Play on the PS5 Digital?

The PS5 Digital edition aims to cater to the digital gaming enthusiast while ensuring a robust backward compatibility experience. This means a wide range of PS4 games are available for your enjoyment. Some of the notable options include:

  1. First-Party Titles: Sony’s commitment to its first-party franchises ensures that games like “The Last of Us Part II,” “Ghost of Tsushima,” and “God of War” can be played seamlessly on the PS5 Digital edition. These titles showcase the PS5’s capabilities and offer immersive experiences.
  2. Popular Multiplatform Games: Many blockbuster multiplatform games, such as “Red Dead Redemption 2,” “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” and “Call of Duty: Warzone,” are also compatible. The PS5 Digital edition allows you to dive into these acclaimed games with enhanced performance.
  3. Indie Gems: The PS4 era brought forth an array of indie games that gained a massive following. Titles like “Hollow Knight,” “Celeste,” and “Undertale” are compatible with the PS5 Digital edition, allowing you to explore these unique experiences anew.
  4. Digital-Only Titles: Games exclusively available as digital downloads on the PS4 is a natural fit for the PS5 Digital edition. These titles cover various genres, from platformers to puzzle games, offering many gaming options.

How to Play PS4 Disc Games on a PS5 Digital?

Playing your treasured PS4 disc games on a PS5 with a disc drive is straightforward. You can relive your favorite gaming moments seamlessly thanks to Sony’s commitment to backward compatibility. 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Power Up: Turn on your PS5 Digital Edition and ensure it’s connected to the internet.
  2. System Update: If prompted, update your console’s software to the latest version. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility.
  3. Insert the Disc: Gently insert your desired PS4 disc game into the designated slot.
  4. Installation: The PS5 Digital Edition will recognize the inserted game. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the installation process. This step is crucial as it allows the console to optimize the game for its hardware.
  5. Play Away: Once the installation is complete, you can launch the game from your PS5 Digital Edition’s home screen and enjoy the gaming experience.
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What is it Like Playing PS4 Games on the PS5 Digital Version?

The PS5 Digital edition offers a distinct gaming journey, enhancing the past with modern innovations. While you can’t use physical PS4 discs due to the absence of a disc drive, the digital realm presents its own set of exciting opportunities:

1. Seamless Digital Library

Transitioning from a PS4 to the PS5 Digital edition is smooth. Your digital PS4 games can be enjoyed effortlessly on the new console. The PS5’s advanced hardware boosts your gaming experience.

2. Enhanced Performance

Many digital PS4 games benefit from the PS5’s superior hardware. Expect faster loading times, improved graphics, and smoother frame rates. Revisiting your favorite PS4 titles becomes a rejuvenating experience.

3. Game Boost

Select PS4 games receive a “Game Boost” on the PS5, utilizing the console’s power for higher frame rates and enhanced performance. This feature adds freshness to familiar titles.

4. Retro Revisited

While you can’t insert physical PS4 discs, digital versions of retro or indie games find a new home. The PS5 Digital edition offers an excellent platform to relive these classics.


In the world of gaming, the transition between console generations can raise numerous questions. However, when it comes to the query, “Can you play PS4 disc games on the PS5 Digital Edition?” the answer is no. 

The PS5 Digital Edition does not support physical discs, including those from the PS4. However, it provides alternative ways to access your digital game library and offers a budget-friendly option for gamers who prioritize digital downloads.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast with a collection of PS4 disc games, the PS5 Digital Edition can still be a fantastic gaming platform, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Can I play my digital PS4 games on the PS5 Digital Edition?

Yes, the PS5 Digital Edition is compatible with digital PS4 games.

Are all PS4 disc games eligible for digital upgrades?

No, only certain games participate in the digital upgrade program. Check with the game developer or the official PlayStation website for eligible games.

Can I still play my physical PS4 disc games on the PS5 Digital Edition? 

The PS5 Digital Edition lacks a physical disc drive, so it cannot read or play physical discs.

Can I upgrade from the PS5 Digital Edition to the standard PS5? 

Yes, you can upgrade if you wish to have the capability to play physical disc games.

How do I know if a game has been upgraded for PS5? 

Upgraded games usually come with improved graphics and performance. You can also check the game’s official website or the PlayStation Store for information about PS5 compatibility.

Are there any advantages to owning the PS5 Digital Edition?

The PS5 Digital Edition is typically more affordable and allows downloading games directly.

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